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  • Sale! Gift of Lite - Audio program for success, weight loss, happiness and more

    Gift of Lite – For success, Weight loss, Happiness-1

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    Gift of Lite – For success, Weight loss, Happiness-1
    Gift of lite is specially produced and rendered to benefit the listener deeply. It is what

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    have helped many to get the results and changes many of them due to subconscious unrecognized issues which, have held them back. Dr. Agbebiyi's hopes that Gift of Lite will help you in many ways as you continue to listen to it.

    Gift of Lite addresses issues which, if transcended bring health , joy, happiness, riches, wealth; benefits also enjoyed by our coaching and mentoring clients. Dr. Agbebiyi, the author of Gift of lite is one of the top celebrity personal and executive coaches, mentors and motivational speakers and philanthropist

    This is an Audio program and download is non-refundable

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  • success issues clearing - dr. Agbebiyi

    Success Starts Today – Dr Jonathan Agbebiyi


    Success Starts Today

    This empowering success book co-authored by Dr. Jonathan  Agbebiyi, and Jack Canfield – New York Best Selling Author, illustrates the what sages have told us about the “magic” of starting a new journey or project “Now”. And the “magic” of support of the Universe coming to ones aid to success. It is, what truly successful people have always emphasized. Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi and Jack Canfield are both empowering – Coaching Trainers and Motivational Speakers

    As it is your desire to succeed, there are no boundaries for deciding on your goals, either in business or on your personal journey of your life either to succeed either as a leader, accomplishing major improvements in the lives of others and for humanity or any other field you select.  success starts today, the book of success, helps your journeys to success and share with you the importance of getting started now and the challenges to avoid.  You can < !a href=", dr+Jonathan+Agbebiyi" target="_blank" rel="noopener">click here to get your copy now

    As was referenced by another person in description of this book, that Martin Luther King Jr, said, as reflected in the title of this book, Add to cart