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Jonathan Agbebiyi – Purpose

IS IT POSSIBLE TO DISCOVER YOUR SUCCESS SECRET CODE? Many people are not happy with what they are doing in their lives, their jobs, their professions, their marriages and they are in search of remedies, answers, directions, enlightenment which, can show them the way. There is usually answers and they are everywhere.I find answers when...

Jonathan Agbebiyi – Self Love

How Your Earlier Sabotage Have Usurped Your Self Love & Fulfillment If you remember, “selfishness” was one of the first things you were accused of as a kid. As a child, we innately knew to self preserve, so we gathered, possessed and protected what we deemed ours.We fought to keep those things and when we...

Jonathan Agbebiyi – Freedom

Jonathan Agbebiyi – Freedom How e-cigarette is the next milker’s subject, so calm down. Tobacco have been available probably before we humans got to this planet. Tobacco has nicotine and people have enjoyed its smoke, its taste and aroma for eons, in almost all cultures of the world. As a physician, I learned about nicotine...


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