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jonathan-agbebiyi - magical

Jonathan Agbebiyi – Magical

How Desires Magically Fulfill when you clearly see the miracles of it’s method Disappointment comes when we are committed to how we want things to go, to certain and particular outcomes. If that certain expectations are not fulfilled at all, or, not in ways we think they should or the way we want them to...

jonathan agbebiyi together

Jonathan Agbebiyi – Supreme

White Supremacy – Black Supremacy. Nobody can replace anybody. There was the time when America supplied the world with cheese, dry milk, money, and myriads of other wonderful things and she was known for those actions. She was loved all over the world. That time was when USA was the number one creditor nation. That...

weight loss

Is Weight Loss Your New Year Resolution?

Is Weight Loss Your New Year Resolution? People make new year resolutions which they fail to keep and add to their disappointment which is of their own making and it is travesty. People do not make determination to not eat in the new year, not to have sex, not to cheat or lie, they only...

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